Lab for Evo Devo





Marsden Fund


Betta Bees







People in the Lab for Evo Devo

Prof. Peter K Dearden. (PI).

Dr Andrew Cridge. (Research Fellow)

Dr Charlotte Pushparajan (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

Shannon Taylor (Laboratory Technician)




PhD Students

Gertje Petersen

Mackenzie Lovegrove

Masters and Honours Students

Jack Tuffery

John Skelly

Jess McKenzie

Rachel Rolleston




Recent Papers

Duncan, E.J, Hyink, O, Dearden, P.K (2016) Notch Signalling Mediates Reproductive Constraint in the Adult Worker Honeybee. Nature Communications 7,12427 doi:10.1038/ncomms

Smith, L.M, Parr-Brownlie, J.C, Duncan, E.J, Black, M.A, Gemmell, N.J, Dearden, P.K, Reynolds, J.N.J (2016) Striatal mRNA expression patterns underlying peak dose L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in the 6-OHDA hemiparkinsonian rat. Neuroscience, 324:238-51.

Cridge, A.C., Dearden, P.K., Brownfield, L. (2016) Convergent occurrence of the developmental hourglass in plant and animal embryogenesis. Annals of Botany