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Jobs and Studentships.

Upcoming Job opportunities.

Part time Assistant Research position available- details soon

Each year the Division of Health Sciences supports a limited number of Post Doctoral awards. Contact us if you are interested.


PhD Projects Available

The University of Otago has a number of scholarships for PhD and Masters study that are available for both New Zealand and International students (click here for details).

The New Zealand Government and the University of Otago are very keen to host overseas students and will pay the overseas tuition fees for international students, and have a number of scholarships available (click here for details).

Occasionally we may have PhD stipends available for particular projects. We will list these on this page when they are available. There are many sources of funding we can apply to, so, if you are interested in doing a postgraduate degree with us, contact us!


Recent Papers

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Smith, L.M, Parr-Brownlie, J.C, Duncan, E.J, Black, M.A, Gemmell, N.J, Dearden, P.K, Reynolds, J.N.J (2016) Striatal mRNA expression patterns underlying peak dose L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in the 6-OHDA hemiparkinsonian rat. Neuroscience, 324:238-51.

Cridge, A.C., Dearden, P.K., Brownfield, L. (2016) Convergent occurrence of the developmental hourglass in plant and animal embryogenesis. Annals of Botany